DARK WATERS is inspired by a true story of one man – Rob  Bilott – and his decades-long battle against big chemical companies who have been poisoning us and our communities.

What are forever chemicals?

PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, are a family of per- and polyfluorinated chemicals that are bio-persistent, meaning they do not break down in the environment and build up in humans and animals over time.

Where are PFAS found?

We can be exposed to forever chemicals from consumer products, drinking water, contaminated food, air, or dust. Everyday items such as rain jackets, cosmetics, and pizza boxes that are waterproof, greaseproof or stain-repellant can also contain forever chemicals. To demand that these chemicals are cleaned up, take action.


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What is the difference between PFOA and PFAS?

PFOA is just one member of a harmful class of more than 4,000 similar chemicals known as PFAS. They are all “forever chemicals,” because they don’t break down in the environment.

Are these chemicals in my body?

99% of humans are believed to have forever chemicals in their blood. Some people are exposed at higher rates. For more information about contamination levels in your area, use EWG’s map.

How can I protect myself and my family?

Harm is caused by long-term exposure to forever chemicals. To learn how you can better protect yourself, check out the DARK WATERS tip sheet.

I heard the EPA has an action plan. Aren’t they taking care of this?

In early 2019 the EPA announced a wide-ranging plan to address PFAS. This Action Plan is a step in the right direction, but it has not yet resulted in meaningful new PFAS protections. Two decades after Rob sent his letter to EPA alerting the agency to the dangers of PFOA, it is still unregulated in drinking water.

To demand stronger protections from forever chemicals by our leaders, click here.

Where can I find PFAS-free products?

You can find forever chemical-free products for you and your family here.

Why are firefighters at higher risk of forever chemical contamination?

Firefighter gear needs to be able to withstand fire, water and high temperature. For this reason, the chemical coatings used to create the majority of this protective gear contain forever chemicals. Firefighters are also exposed to higher levels of forever chemical contamination from firefighting foam and contaminated fire stations.

What is the true story that inspired DARK WATERS?

DARK WATERS is a film based on the New York Times Magazine article, “The Lawyer Who Became Dupont’s Worst Nightmare” written by Nathaniel Rich about the true story of Rob Bilott’s twenty-year battle against DuPont and forever chemicals. To learn more about his work and the forever chemicals contamination crisis, you can check out his story in his book Exposure.


People from PFAS contaminated communities across the country are joining together to tell their stories and demand justice. They’re fighting back, and you can too.


We understand that the fight against forever chemicals can feel overwhelming and undefeatable. But there are ways to protect yourself and hold polluters accountable. Make sure your family, friends and loved ones know about forever chemicals and how they can protect themselves. Spread the word on social media using the videos and images below.


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